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A female model bends over perpendicular to the camera. She is wearing a white fishnet / crochet style singlet and textured, tie-died green and brown pants.

Seller Assistant

Made. Loved. Worn. Reborn.

Estimate your items' value and join the sustainable style movement.

Estimate my item(s)

How to Sell


Selling guide

Check your items

Use our tool to estimate the value of your items and make sure they fit our selling criteria.

See the selling guide for our quality standards and accepted brands.


Schedule a visit

Walk ins accepted any time between 10am and 4pm. You also have the option to schedule a priority appointment at our Brisbane, Sydney or Melbourne stores, or post your haul to us via our courier partner.


We'll make you an offer

Once we've personally assessed your garments, we'll make you a formal offer on the spot for cash or store credit.

How much are items generally worth?


We have high standards

We're committed to extending the life of special pieces, so we only accept high-quality second hand items.

No Stains

No perspiration marks
No make-up marks
No food or water stains
No toe marks

No Damages

No holes, tears or pills
No missing or broken parts
No detached brand label
No noticeable scratches/marks

Odour Free

No cigarette smoke
No perfume
No pet dander
No mothball scent

We re-home each and every item to keep clothing in closets and out of landfill

Read our FAQ's

For items that don’t meet the SWOP criteria, you’ve got two great options:

1. Keep the un-sold clothes and repair them, repurpose them or re-home them yourself

2. We can donate them on your behalf to our charity partners - including Local Opy, our beloved social enterprise.